Chaplains on the Harbor: Statement on White Supremacist Violence

[Reposting from our Chaplains on the Harbor Facebook page]

As a religious organization, Chaplains on the Harbor wishes to clarify our position on the recent slew of white supremacist violence faced by our neighbors in Thurston county:

Racism is an abomination in the sight of God.
Racism is blasphemy of the highest order.
Racism is sin.

Grays Harbor County has drunk its fair share from this poisoned well. White supremacist organizing in our own county has never protected our majority-white population from poverty, homelessness, epidemic levels of addiction, or witnessing the machinery of war rolled out in our streets against our own people. White supremacist organizing has only lied to us about the root causes of our local suffering, pitting us against poor people of other races and ethnicities who share our struggle for a decent life. Racially motivated attacks are an affront to our immigrant constituents who endure backbreaking agricultural labor while living in slums and shacks. Nazism in particular is an affront to our homeless veterans of all races who have sworn oaths to defend the Constitution from fascism and other assaults on democracy.

At Chaplains on the Harbor we understand that to end poverty we must also end racism, in order to build the unity and power required of a social movement. We rededicate ourselves to that task today. We are holding our Olympia neighbors in prayer, especially those who have been targeted for violence. Remember: you only get what you are organized to take, and you will only be able to protect what you are organized to defend. Protect each other. Organize with each other. God be with you.

Solidarity and blessings,
Chaplains on the Harbor


About aaron

Catechist at Chaplains on the Harbor.
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