CALL TO ACTION: Chaplains on the Harbor

Last month I officially started working for Chaplains on the Harbor, in Grays Harbor County WA.  Here’s the call to action I just shared with our bishop for mass distribution:

Dear friends in Christ,
Chaplains on the Harbor, a diocesan ministry with the poor and homeless in Grays Harbor County, is putting out a call to God’s whole church for backup. Last week, residents of the main homeless encampment in Aberdeen found eviction notices from the city on their tents. The eviction is scheduled for March 31. People are at this encampment because they have nowhere else to go. There are no plans or provisions in place for where people are supposed to move once the camp is dismantled. While forfeiting all responsibility for the lives of homeless people in the community, the city has been keeping an eye on the land where the camp is located in the hopes of turning it into a waterfront park for tourists.
In obedience to our vow to uphold the dignity and respect of all human beings, Chaplains on the Harbor members will be attending Aberdeen’s city council meeting tomorrow (March 25) at 7pm. We have 15 minutes on the agenda and will be protesting this eviction, in solidarity with our sisters and brothers on the streets. If the eviction continues to move forward, we will also protest the forced displacement of the camp on eviction day. 
We are asking you to join us in taking this stand. Most of all, we need people to show up in person to bear witness to the words and worth of our friends in the encampment. We will especially need friends present at the city council meeting, and on eviction day. If you can’t come to the city council meeting tomorrow, send them a letter in support for the camp residents.  If you can’t come to the eviction day protest, share our story with your local parish. Above all, remember us in your prayers as we move through Holy Week facing the cross of Christ– our homeless rural messiah from the backwoods of Galilee, who was also unwelcome in his own town.
For all news, updates on the eviction, and opportunities for solidarity, follow us on Facebook:
Blessings and thanks,
The Rev. Sarah Monroe, Founder
Aaron Scott, Catechist
Chaplains on the Harbor
P.O. Box 1248
Westport WA 98595

About aaron

Catechist at Chaplains on the Harbor.
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